Subway Franchise

Subway has a relatively low cost of entry, in many cases starting just about $100,000 for your first store (up to about $300k in some instances). This makes opening a Subway franchise appealing, however there is a relatively higher cost of licensing at around 8% (compared to McDonald’sfor example, at 4%). But don’t let that turn you off, Fred DeLuca’s little sandwich shop is a great investment opportunity as these little restaurants are often very profitable. So you’ve got the cash and want to get started? Great! Here’s a bit more info.

Subway Training Course

New operators must go through a two week training crash course, teaching basic management skills like business concepts and how to operate like a model Subway store. You’ll spend time at both a successful local franchise and in a classroom type environment. There’s an exam to pass, but it’s pretty much a no if you’ve gotten this far. Business experience isn’t always a requirment, having a good head on your shoulders though is a must if you want to be calling the shots behing the famous $5 foot long.

Other Notables

Subway stores have an excellent track record of being successful (and profitable!), and since it’s humble beginnings in 1965 there are now over 30,000 Subway franchises worldwide in nearly 100 countries. One interesting factoid is that Subway serves nearly 3,000 customers every minute! This business is often regarded by franchisees and magazines as being one of the best franchises to own in the entire world. How’s that for a recommendation? Eat fresh!